Measuring tank levels in boiler systems with DELTA-trans

The fill level in the feed tank of industrial boiler systems is a crucial process parameter to ensure a smooth energy supply of steam or hot water. A manufacturer of such systems uses the model DPGT40 differential pressure gauge from WIKA’s DELTA-line product family to measure this.
The measuring instrument has proven itself. Its series name, “DELTA-trans” (“trans” stands for transmitter with the standard 4 … 20 mA signal), indicates why the customer decided in favour of these solutions. The differential pressure gauge has both an on-site display and a 4 … 20 mA output signal that is transmitted to the control system of the boiler system. This means that if there is a power failure, the operators of the boiler systems will continue to receive precise information about the level in the tank.
Fill levels in boiler systems are controlled via min./max. values
The model DPGT40 differential pressure gauge measures the fill level in the feed tanks of industrial boiler systems.
Level monitoring takes place via limit level detection. If the water level in the tank reaches the defined minimum value, the control system automatically starts topping up. At the upper limit of the fill level, the system switches the pumps off again.
However, Inspiring measuring solution was not the only reason in favour of the WIKA product. The customer also chose the instrument because of the pronounced robustness of the DPGT40. The differential pressure gauge has a solid aluminium case and a shatterproof window. The primary purpose of the design is to be able to withstand harsh process conditions permanently.
DPGT40, optionally also with integrated working pressure indication
The DPGT40 differential pressure gauge works with the level monitoring in the feed tank with a measuring range of 0 … 160 mbar. It is also available with other measuring ranges up to 0 … 10 bar. The instrument, which can be used flexibly, is optionally available in a version with an integrated working pressure indication, which saves the user an additional measuring location.
Further technical information on the DPGT40 (DELTA-trans) differential pressure gauge is available on the WIKA website. There you will also find a flyer about the entire DELTA-line product family. You can find an overview of other WIKA measuring solutions for industrial boiler systems in the relevant brochure. If you have any questions, your contact will gladly help you.
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